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The vehicle fleet of your company or your clients have problems with automotive air conditioning?
So profit from it! Aggregate this service to your workshop ...
We trained tens of autocenters, workshops for automotive air conditioning, port handling, mining, lines: light, heavy and AGRICOLA.

• You already work in this field and need to upgrade, recycle their knowledge;
• Purchased equipment and are not sure best to use them?
• Still have not bought equipment, parts and tools and have doubts over what and where to buy?
• Need to train new employees?
• Want to know more about the subject not to depend on the employees?
• An official who worked with AC, left and left you "by hand"?
• Customers are going to have another workshop that offers AIR CONDITIONING, and other services?
• Work with parts and need to know what is selling, to sell more and better?
• Women working in the administrative area, workshop, service sales, parts sales, financial control of the company and need to know how to do the job, not to depend on the employees?
• Your company sells tools and parts for automotive air conditioner? You want your customers to buy their products? WANT TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CUSTOMERS? Provide training to them!

• Finally, clarify your doubts in this course!
• We are also in this training workshop and speak the "language" of everyday mechanic / electrician, bringing real classroom examples. The material we provide, such as listings of suggested vendors, tools, parts, sales prices, gas charge, other spreadsheets and any additional material is what we use in our workshop, after much refining and selection (not sold separately).




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